Free Hug Yoga

Free Hug Yoga

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Self Love -Day 12

Do you know the feeling that the head is too heavy? Mind is too busy? Your energy depleted? People that you hardly know is sucking your strength and people you love and feel need for support ignore you?
Craving for some tap on the back for the good job and nothing happen? Feeling to push the load alone?

Ah, so you are in total lack of self love and self esteem. On the top, every times you are expecting the approval or price from outside, you are in your insecurities. In fear. And on the best way to feel hurt, to feel pain. Actually, not you, your ego.
So in that case, repeat to yourself few mantras:

- Where is pain, is Ego. (means, YOU are not suffering, your Ego does...and it is ok, ego can, it is not YOU)
- Your self worth is NON - NEGOTIABLE.
- Your best cheerleader is YOU.
- Hug yourself,give yourself pat in the back ....this is the job that nobody will do if you dont!

Remember, each soul is potentially divine, and if you are in your purpose, you can do ANYTHING.

Now, it does not mean you have to tolerate abusive or rude behavior of your colleagues, family or loved ones. You DESERVE approval and pat on your back for the good job. The nuance is...YOUR opinion about yourself does not depend on them. Actually, their lack of support , cheerleading and positive feedback is saying nothing about YOU, but a way a lot about them. So don t get on the trap. Compassionate with them, because they have their own insecurities.

PS: if nothing really help, go to the bathroom, give a big cry to all of it, and then read this article and repeat mantras AGAIN!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Self Love - Day 11


Today I experienced amazing transformation.
Let go of somebody or of memories because they leave or because it is the past, release the karmic bond...we all did. Let go with love...ok, not always easy, but possible.

But today, I did not let go out of forgiveness or of unconditional love, but because of ENOUGH OF LOVE FOR MYSELF.

It is always different to READ you do right now...and actually to EXPERIENCE it.
And the higher degree of experience it is to BE AWARE of it.

1.Close your eyes. (after you read it all!)
2. Think about your relationship with some close person (boyfriend, wife, colleague, brother...)
3. Ask yourself the question: is there any DEPENDENCY in this relationship?
4. If the answer is NO, go to the point 6.
5. If the answer is YES, remind to yourself that YOUR WORTH IS NO NEGOTIABLE .
6. Feel the Love coming out from your heart and enveloping all your being in.
7. Feel the Love for the person you had in mind...and let go of your dependency for this person.
8. Thank this person for being in your life and teaching you such important lesson...and with the smile and gratitude open your eyes.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Self Love - Day 10

I m having the self love crisis. It is not SO obvious to find every day the cheering up feeling and feel I LOOOOOOOOVE the contrary. The moment can come to feel little down. Little good for nothing. Little ugly and old. Little alone. Little indulging in self pity.

It happens. The important moment is when we are aware that we are letting our mind to play us the dramas about ourselves. Let s remember all those horrible things we use to tell us since ever (you will never be good enough, you will never be organized, you will never sing well, you will never make this and that...).

How? Easy! Put your top 5 negative affirmations about yourself on the paper (make there 2 columns, left for negative affirmations). Now, in front of each affirmation write the same, but in POSITIVE way!

Ex:  " I will never be able to organize this house properly!" will become
        " I m able, organized and with focus and stopping to procrastinate on FB I will make this house great and organized for everybody".

Keep your paper somewhere near of your eyes, and every time you will feel this strange force pulling you down...just read it!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Self Love - Day 9

Today self love treat is simple:


Of course, it can be as simple as complicated.  My experience is that we make it difficult because the mind is too involve. Am I desirable? Am I slim enough? Am I sexy enough? What is he doing? Will he reach there? Will I reach there? Worst variation is : What should I buy for dinner tomorrow? Did I answer boss email or not?

I consider the mind the biggest love-breaker. It has nothing to do in lovely intercourse. What about to bring our attention fully on our loved one? On our sensations? Feel the kisses, the touch, the warm of the skin. Forget everything else. No target, no achievement, no performance. Forget the orgasm or ejaculation. It is not the point today.
From the feeling of our sensations, start to feel the energy, the vibration of our loved one, kind of merge, LOVE...and flow. It is like coming from concentration to meditation...

NO MIND is involve. The flow will bring us somewhere, like a stream of the river if we allow it, , and even if we don t know where it goes, we can always enjoy the trip.

Try. For today. And if you don t have the partner to try, remember Yves Saint Laurent:
" The best what the woman can wear is being in the arms of her lover. If they don t have one, they have me. "


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Self Love - Day 8

One of the importnat lessons I m learning right now in self love process is to

I love to help people. I love to see them happy and taping into their potential. As much as I don t have clarity with myself, I can often see or "smell" the huge potential in others. But I m also sometimes giving so much that I go burned out myself.
I m also focusing so much on achievement of others that I forgot my own. Then the anger, resentment and victimizing feeling comes and it is all wasted.
Example from my life right now:
Yesterday, I had huge conversation with my brother. Last 14 years I m more less in charge of him. As he wrote me, I protect him and I nourish him. I m everything he has and I m asking him to live his life. So he is getting upset and naughty to attract my attention and keep me busy with his life instead of my life (and my tree kids and husbands life...). He lives in FEAR and this fear is affecting him and all  family last 14 years. Don t forget, where Fear is, Love has no space.

I want him to live in Love, in Trust, in Creativity. I want him to trust to himself and to love himself. But for this, I have to start with myself, as usual. Be the is the quote that is just buzzzing in my head over and over. If I want my bro to love himself, I have to love myself. I have to set example, and I have to SET BOUNDARIES. Then, eventualy, he will want himself to live in Love, in Trust, in Creativity...because my wantings are not enough for him...

So...see where do you feel drained. In which relationship. What is your pattern. Then look at you and  FEEL what YOU need out of it, what you need for yourself, regardless everything else. And between the draining pattern and your own feeling of need for well being is the space where you have to set the boundaries.

You can t give what you don t have, and sometimes the best you do for yourself is also the best for other, setting him free of dependency  and fear. Your clarity is bringing the Light on the path of others. Painful, sometimes, but always with Love at the end of the tunnel.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Self Love - Day 7

Do you try to be this perfect nice little girl that you were conditioned by your education to be?
If yes, you have some amount of anger in your system. Today, we will get it all OUT.


Take a pen, white sheet of paper, and just start to write. Whatever comes to your mind, that make you angry. Spit it for your own sake. How you are pissed off with him, because he did not answer your email. How you can t see her anymore, because she is talking too much. How you feel hurt, because your parents just don t care...and that you hate your boss.
At the end, just tear apart the paper with your anger and trow it in the garbage, burn it, whatever, but don t keep it with you.

Let it OUT, then let it GO.

Clean the system of your anger and have a fabulous day!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Self Love - Day 6

I could not write on my blog for few days now. Staying in the mood of the self love, for sure, observing around, but too busy-too tired-too whatever. I felt guilty the first day, but then I saw that the guilt is killing the self love.

It is actual very nice self love treat...what about we stop to beat ourselves at least for one single day? Can you catch your thoughts telling you how stupid are you? How ugly? How fat? How unreliable? How lazy? How whatever your mind can find? Can you catch your mind coming in roung towards one or more events and aggravate the pain...all in the past, causing the fear from the future? Like..."Oh, I really should NOT  tell her what I think about her what will happen?"

STOP TO BEAT YOURSELF at least for today. Things are how they are supposed to be, and you can learn from it...and keep walking.